Rising Tides

Project Overview: In 2023, the Environmental Awareness Foundation partnered with our post-production studio to complete the post-production phase of their documentary, "Rising Tides: Climate Change Chronicles." The documentary aimed to shed light on the impacts of climate change through real stories and scientific analysis. Our role was to transform the raw footage and interviews into a compelling and informative documentary.


Awareness Inc.




Full Production



Project Scope: This multifaceted project encompassed the conception, production, and promotion of a captivating 60-second commercial video. The video was meticulously crafted to effectively communicate the distinctive features, advantages, and sustainability elements of EcoGlow LED light bulbs.

Project Phases:

Concept Development:

  • Creative brainstorming to devise engaging concepts that would spotlight EcoGlow LEDs.

  • Identification of the target audience and tailoring of the message to resonate with them.

  • Defining the visual style, tone, and atmosphere of the commercial.


  • Casting professional actors or models to convey the EcoGlow LED story convincingly.

  • Sourcing suitable locations for filming, ranging from residential settings to commercial spaces.

  • Scriptwriting to ensure the messaging harmonized with the product's core selling points.

  • Compiling a comprehensive list of product features to spotlight.

  • Developing a production schedule and budget.


  • Filming the commercial, including scenes illustrating EcoGlow LEDs in diverse real-life scenarios.

  • Ensuring impeccable cinematography and lighting to accentuate the product's luminosity and aesthetics.

  • Capturing captivating visuals and audio.


  • Expertly editing the footage to craft a seamless and engaging commercial.

  • Incorporating background music and voiceovers to heighten emotional resonance.

  • Adding on-screen text or graphics to spotlight product specifications and benefits.

  • Ensuring alignment with LuminaTech's branding guidelines.

Distribution and Promotion:

  • Uploading the commercial to LuminaTech's digital platforms, including its website, YouTube channel, and various social media channels.

  • Crafting teaser clips and promotional materials optimized for social media advertising.

  • Executing targeted advertising campaigns on digital platforms to reach the desired audience.

  • Vigilantly monitoring ad engagement metrics, including click-through rates and conversion rates.


  • Monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs), including views, likes, shares, and website traffic.

  • Analyzing audience engagement and feedback to inform enhancements for future ad campaigns.

  • Assessing the commercial's impact on EcoGlow LED sales and market awareness.

Project Timeline: The project unfolded over two months, with specific milestones as follows:

  • Month 1: Concept development, pre-production planning, and scriptwriting.

  • Month 2: Production, post-production, distribution, and initial evaluation.

Project Budget: The estimated budget for this dynamic commercial project was $100,000, encompassing expenses for talent, filming equipment, editing software, music licensing, advertising, and promotional materials.

Expected Outcomes: LuminaTech's aspirations for the "EcoGlow LED: Lighting Up the Future" commercial included:

  • Augmenting awareness of the EcoGlow LED product line.

  • Driving increased traffic to LuminaTech's website and product pages.

  • Generating heightened interest and inquiries from potential buyers.

  • Achieving a quantifiable surge in EcoGlow LED sales.

By adeptly showcasing the remarkable benefits of EcoGlow LEDs through visually compelling storytelling, LuminaTech aspired to solidify its position as a premier provider of sustainable lighting solutions and to catalyze revenue growth within the lighting industry.

Snaps From the Project

"Working with Sarah Davis and the team at Creative Films was a fantastic experience. I had high expectations for our documentary video project. Sarah and her team not only met those expectations but exceeded them. Their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to our project were evident throughout. The final documentary video was a true masterpiece, capturing our story beautifully. I highly recommend Sarah and Creative Films for any video production needs."

John Smith CEO, XYZ Corporation

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