LearnTech Online Course Series

LearnTech Academy is a leading online education platform specializing in tech-related courses and certifications. In 2023, they approached our creative agency, "EduVisions Media," to create a series of educational videos aimed at promoting their platform and providing valuable insights to their target audience of aspiring tech professionals.


LearnTech Academy




Educational Video Production and Content Strategy



Project Objectives:

  1. Develop a series of informative and engaging educational videos on various tech-related topics.

  2. Showcase the quality of LearnTech Academy's course content and instructors.

  3. Attract new subscribers and boost engagement on the platform.

  4. Establish LearnTech Academy as a trusted source of tech knowledge.

Project Scope:

Content Strategy:

  • Collaborate with LearnTech Academy to identify key tech topics of interest to their target audience.

  • Create a content calendar outlining the topics, video formats, and release schedule.


  • Develop detailed scripts and outlines for each video, ensuring clarity and educational value.

  • Secure knowledgeable subject matter experts and instructors for on-camera presentations.

  • Assemble a production team, including directors, scriptwriters, and video editors.


  • Film high-quality video lessons, incorporating graphics and animations to enhance understanding.

  • Ensure clear and concise explanations, with a focus on real-world applications.

  • Capture compelling visuals and examples to illustrate complex concepts.


  • Edit the videos to maintain a consistent and engaging pace.

  • Incorporate graphics, diagrams, and on-screen text to aid comprehension.

  • Optimize the videos for various screen sizes and devices.

  • Add captions and subtitles for accessibility.

Distribution and Promotion:

  • Launch the educational video series on the LearnTech Academy platform.

  • Promote the videos through social media channels, email newsletters, and blog posts.

  • Encourage user interaction by incorporating quizzes and discussion forums related to each video.

  • Monitor viewer engagement and gather feedback for future video topics.

Results: The "LearnTech Academy Online Course Series" achieved outstanding results. The videos garnered over 10,000 views each within the first month of release, with a high engagement rate. LearnTech Academy reported a 30% increase in new course subscriptions during the video series' promotion. Subscribers praised the informative and engaging content, and the platform gained a reputation as a valuable resource for tech education.

Lessons Learned:

  • Thorough research and collaboration with subject matter experts are essential for producing educational content that resonates with the target audience.

  • Effective use of visuals and graphics can significantly enhance the learning experience.

  • Interactivity, such as quizzes and discussion forums, can foster a sense of community and engagement among learners.

This case study demonstrates how well-crafted educational videos can not only educate but also drive user engagement and growth for online learning platforms in the tech industry.

Snaps From the Project

"EduVisions Media has been an invaluable partner in helping us create and deliver our 'LearnTech Academy Online Course Series.' Their expertise in educational video production and content strategy was evident from day one. The videos they produced not only showcased our course content but also made complex tech topics easy to understand. The engagement and positive feedback we received from our subscribers were beyond our expectations. We look forward to continuing our collaboration to bring high-quality tech education to even more learners."

Emily Turner Founder & CEO, LearnTech Academy

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